Artist Statement


My research is rooted in autoethnography, and focuses on exploring facets of identity. I explore familial bonds, connections with food,

cultural influences, and our relationship with the environment. In my work these components are bound together as fundamental elements

of wholeness.


The work considers whether wholeness can be achieved in a world where everything is constantly changing, transient and

impermanent. Natural materials such as wood, celery pulp, and fibres are presented as forms that appear both ancient and modern,

bridging the gap, and forging bonds between the past and present, while highlighting the continuity of human experience, and

transcending the individual.


It also reflects the belief that personal healing occurs in conjunction with collective and planetary healing. Through offering space for

contemplation on these interconnected themes, the work contributes to, and dialogues with, a broader cultural shift towards

more diverse, inclusive understanding, and the cultivation of compassion.