Images from a series of self portraits over the course of a year investigating the impact of mandated isolation and a searh for connection. 

What do you do when your your told that it isn't safe for your loved ones if you visit them?  How do you deal with a mandated long term isolation?

My work brings us inside this process, sharing what happens when we look for connection outside of humanity . What happens when we can no longer safely spend time with loved ones?   Each work is a portrait of contemplation, a meditation on a facet of a life that is in the process of being understood and transcended.

Each of our lives is filled with the need for others - community is a part of humanity.  What happens when it's taken away.  We adapt, we change, we continue to search for connection and remember that we are a part of nature.

Research into the way we are affected by our experiences, with one another, animals, plants and our shared environment, and whether/ how these encounters create lasting change is something that interests me.  This research in conjunction with the belief that human healing can only occur in conjunction with the restoration of other animal and plant species, and the healing of our shared environment, form the basis for my practice.

Self Portraits Series 2020