A series of 50 self portraits over the course of a landmark year investigating the impact of experience on identity and healing aspects of water.

The images from this series of Self Portraits are a part of a yearlong investigation into healing. Social constructs and pre-existing beliefs in relation to our engagement with one another are lived and explored daily and then washed away at the end of each day.

Every morning, for one year, I showered and created a water drawing on my bathroom mirror.  At the end of each day, before going to bed, I showered again and took a photograph of my reflection in the mirror. The resulting images contain the remnants of the morning drawing – a representation of who I was, water, and my reflection in the mirror – who I became.

Together, each of the components reveals their role as an embodiment of human existence, the effects of living, the way we see ourselves, and the healing aspects of water.

Research into the way we are affected by our experiences, with one another, animals, plants and our shared environment, and whether/ how these encounters create lasting change is something that interests me.  This research in conjunction with the belief that human healing can only occur in conjunction with the restoration of other animal and plant species, and the healing of our shared environment, form the basis for my practice.

Self Portraits 2019